I will  not update any of the old sources now, though there r still people downloading and using it. So folks, if u have an issue with this old code, stop writing me: neoFTP is Opensource now ! Find it here.


After years there is a small bugfix for neoFTP.


After some month of work (also on other projects) I launch neoFTP and neoHunt. But the suite will not be updated anymore. Sorry for that, but I switched to company and started a different carreer than expected some month before.


neoTools are ready and they have grown in 6 weeks(!) from a simple portscanner to the program suite formally known as neoTools for PPC ;-). The work was hard but succesfull. I have made the second place at the software contest :-) I start to make the suite more market ready.


I recognize the contest and start to develop a multithreaded portscanner. The work is going fine so I decide to add some more nice functions to it.